Golden Plaza No. 11 Eliowhani, Rumunduru, Road, Port Harcourt
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Golden Plaza No. 11 Eliowhani, Rumunduru, Road, Port Harcourt
Mon-Sat 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

About Us

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The Company

About Fastidiouskleen

Fastidiouskleen® is so much more than just a janitorial cleaning service. We are a company dedicated to giving our customers back the time they deserve to enjoy the things they love. We put The Extra In Your Ordinary ®, restoring balance to your life by taking care of your home. Life flies by in the blink of an eye, so it’s crucial to stop and enjoy it.With Fastidiouskleen we provides comprehensive, high quality, reliable cleaning solutions to commercial, corporate, industrial and residential clients.

Our cleaning services cover every inch of your space. We can freshen up your home, and office to ensure you have the beautiful and clean environment you deserve. We’ll get deep into the corners and crevices to rid your space of any dust, germs, and bacteria to deliver a home that is both spotless and healthy.

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What we do

Making your home look its best

We know that no two houses are the same, so there's no reason cleaning services should be the same, either. At Fastidiouskleen, we take the time to listen and understand your needs. When you request a free estimate, one of our expert representatives will work with you to create a custom cleaning program that will fit both your lifestyle and budget. If you ever have any concerns or need to make changes to your service, our friendly office staff is only a phone call away.

Our diligent management and work ethic are central to Cleaning Company service business philosophy and critical to delivering consistent, quality cleaning services. We pride ourselves on making our management accountable to the client through direct access and interaction with our managing director.Whether you need services every week or you’d prefer to schedule less frequent visits, we can schedule services at your convenience.

Important Information

What Products Do We Use?

Eco and Human-Friendly products.

cleaning companies aren’t legally required to disclose the ingredients in their products. Which is a HUGE issue, especially seeing that many conventional cleaning products can emit volatile organic compounds (vocs the building blocks of smog) which can trigger asthma and allergy.

A green cleaning product is equally effective as a conventional cleaning product (which they totally are!) why would you want to clean your home with products containing harsh chemicals with labels like ‘Warning!’ or ‘Toxic Chemicals!’ anyways?

For me, an eco-friendly cleaner is one that’s non-toxic, derived from natural and organic ingredients, and most importantly is biodegradable so it doesn’t negatively impact the environment.

Biodegradability is really important when it comes to cleaning products because many of our products get into our waterways, think dish soap and laundry detergent, and I want to make sure that my products are going to breakdown quickly and not hang around forever.

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Protecting Our Environment
Satisfaction Guaranteed!

No stain is too stubborn, no streak too enduring. Our cleaners not only have modern cleaning tools and equipment; they have the knowledge and experience needed to conquer even the messiest of messes. Rather than keep all of that knowledge to ourselves, we’re sharing our tips here to help homeowners keep their homes clean and tidy.

Protect Against Viruses
is Safe
Non Toxic
& no Alcohol
Quick Kill
Non Corrosive
Skin & Eyes
is Safe

Disinfectant misting is safe for children, pets and anyone and anyone who is allergic to chemical misting Disinfectant misting is safe for children, pets and anyone..

We Care for People
How Our Company Works
When you choose us as a service partner we bring expertise and experience as standard.
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