When you have to choose Construction Clean up Services or Post Construction Cleaning Services in Nigeria then you have to consider numerous factors. Make sure the Construction Clean up or Cleaning service provider has experience and knowledge of appropriate products and equipment which are required to clean high end yet precious materials such as custom glass, marble tiling, and imported windows.

Post Construction Cleaning

Choosing Right Post-Cleaning Service Providers

There are some post-construction cleaning service providers which use generic, abrasive cleaners which contain acid and other harsh chemicals which degrade and etch glass, marble, and other fine surfaces so that its replacement cost becomes significantly high if it get damaged. If you have chosen Fastidiouskleen Ltd, then you can stay relaxed as we have a profound understanding of chemicals, thus strive to offer safest building cleaning service through the edge of skilled crews. We are proficient in Building Cleaning Services in Nigeria based in (port harcourt) and have years of experience of working on several small or large projects of a similar kind

There Are Several Factors Which Contributed Towards Post Construction Cleanup Costs. These Include

  • Cleaning Period – Amount of time taken for cleaning the site, is another factor, on which the cleaning costs are fixed
  • Total Size of the Project – Cleaning rates of construction sites are calculated based on the total area of the project
  • Additional Services –Any extra attention paid during the cleanup process or additional equipment, other than the required one, used, will decide the cleanup costs


leaning work will differ from site to site, so will the cleaning costs us, Fastidiouskleen service providers, ensure of providing the best possible services at affordable rates.

When it comes to removing of debris post completion of construction work at your site, one need not look beyond Fastidiouskleen service providers. Our company, having years of experience in the field of cleaning services, makes use of the st procedures and products for ensuring a clean looking and shining property. Backed by a professional team of experts and at-hand resources, the cleaning services offered by us are sure to go way beyond your expectations. Our staff, which turns into your extended staff during the cleaning process, ensure completing the job in a quick and efficient manner, giving your building a possible appearance.

Apart from providing basic cleaning services in additional specialized services like cleaning of carpets, windows and floors are also undertaken by Fastidiouskleen, post-construction cleaning services provider. Considering our vast experience and in-depth knowledge related to cleaning of buildings, we come as the most ideal choice for you to approach, post completion of your construction work. Providing top quality and reliable cleaning services is always a priority for our company.

Engaging your skilled staff to clean up the site, once you have got the construction completed work on time, is one of the last things you would want to take up. This can also lead to you having to bear extra expenses by way of overtime payments. Therefore, hiring Fastidiouskleen cleaning service provider is one of the best options for you.

The team of cleaning experts in our company is well trained to ensure that there is no trace of dust or dirt left behind in any part or corner of your building premises. Usage of right cleaning techniques and products helps in giving your building a shiny and attractive appearance.

Our Post-Construction Cleaning Services

When it comes to hiring us for your post construction cleaning services, we provide flexibility in terms of working hours. You can opt for hiring us on either contract basis or on an hourly basis whichever suits you best. However, if you opt for the former option, we would need to inspect your site thoroughly, prior to quoting our rates.

Our process of cleaning starts at least a week prior to the completion of the project wherein we start by interacting with the client. Our staff works in close coordination with the managers working on the project and collect details about the approximate date of completion. This information gives our team a fair idea as to when the said projects would require cleaning. However, there are times when we have to reschedule our services, due to reasons of the project getting delayed.
We, at Fastidiouskleen post-construction cleaning services, adhere to strict norms as far as the quality of cleaning services is concerned. Sufficient care is taken to ensure there are no damages to the client’s property. It is of prime importance for us, to ensure that, post the cleaning work your property is completely free of any clutter and unwarranted items. Our site supervisor conducts a thorough inspection of your property prior to getting an acknowledgment of work completion from you.